X-Men legends Greg Capullo and Jonathan Hickman team up for Wolverine: Revenge

Polygon is proud to reveal that Greg Capullo will be drawing the Jonathan Hickman-written miniseries Wolverine: Revenge, thereby solving one of the enduring mysteries of 2024 in comics.

All the way back in January, Capullo tweeted a peek at a mystery Marvel project that didn’t have any particularly identifying details in it — except, as perceptive fans immediately noticed, that it appeared to be titled “Wolverine.” The conclusion was clear: Capullo, a storied talent for his work on X-Force and Spawn in the 1990s and a 50-issue run on Batman in the 2010s, was returning to Marvel to draw a Wolverine series.

Perhaps he’d even be drawing the Wolverine series of this summer’s relaunch of the X-Men line? The mystery thickened this month when Marvel announced a new Wolverine ongoing from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Martín Cóccolo — with no Capullo to be seen.

Polygon can now share the actual Wolverine series Capullo is working on, Wolverine: Revenge, with Krakoan Era architect Jonathan Hickman penning the story.

Wolverine brandishes a claw on the cover of Wolverine: Revenge #1. He’s standing in the jaws of what looks like a tyrannosaurus, holding it’s mouth open with his other hand.
The main cover of Wolverine: Revenge #1.
Image: Greg Capullo/Marvel Comics

“I’ve finally returned home to Marvel and I’m ready to raise some Hell,” Capullo told Polygon via email. “And, who better to do that with than the Hitman Hickman? To celebrate, Marvel has removed the fences and let us off our leash so that we can bring the most vicious and punishing Wolverine story possible to the fans this summer. I hope they’re prepared.”

In five issues, Wolverine: Revenge promises to “pit WOLVERINE against a cadre of foes who will turn his world upside down!” according to Marvel’s official summary. “He’s been beaten! He’s been bloodied! And LOGAN only has one thought on his mind: REVENGE!”

Preview pages from the first issue (read ’em below!) show Logan hunting alongside the Zebra People of the Savage Land and battling a dinosaur in a truly classic bit of Marvel action.

“Well, obviously it’s such a privilege to get to work with a legend like Greg,” said Hickman via email. “When we first talked about the project, our number one concern was taking the readers on a high-octane, no-hold-barred Wolverine story that was a proper celebration of both the character and Greg returning to Marvel. And like he said, the bosses cut us loose and the result is an absolutely wild book. Honestly can’t wait for everyone to get to check it out.”

Hickman and Capullo are not kidding about being let off the leash. Wolverine: Revenge #1 will also be published in a “red band” edition, containing some pages not included in the regular edition, with “elevated violence you won’t see anywhere else!” according to Marvel’s news release. The red band version of the issue will be polybagged “for the protection of innocent eyes!”

Both versions of the issue will hit shelves on Aug. 21, with a main cover by Capullo.

Wolverine rides a triceratops through the savage land, in the company of members of the Zebra People in Wolverine: Revenge #1. Image: Jonathan Hickman, Greg Capullo/Marvel Comics

Zebra People flee as Wolverine watches, grinning, a huge theropod-type dinosaur leaps from hiding and takes down his ceratops mount, throwing him off, in Wolverine: Revenge #1. Image: Jonathan Hickman, Greg Capullo/Marvel Comics

Wolverine unsheathes his claws and leaps at a therapod-type dinosaur standing over its fresh triceratops kill. It snaps Wolverine up in its jaws, but then spits him out when Wolverine slashes it with his claws, in Wolverine: Revenge #1. Image: Jonathan Hickman, Greg Capullo/Marvel Comics

Wolverine runs beneath a therapod-type dinosaur, slashing at its belly with his claws. He and the dinosaur square off and are about to clash again when a projectile or laser of some kind shoots in from off panel, blasting through the dinosaur’s head from eye to eye, in Wolverine: Revenge #1. Image: Jonathan Hickman, Greg Capullo/Marvel Comics