Palworld is getting its first new Pal and raid battle

Palworld developer Pocketpair has announced the first new Pal to come to the game since its release in January. It’s named Bellanoir, and this fearsome creature is coming to the game as part of the game’s first-ever raid battle. The developers do not have a release date for the update but said it would be coming “soon.” Pocketpair released a short trailer announcing the news via X on Friday.

Palworld is a survival game in which players can catch and work alongside Pokémon-esque creatures called Pals. The game soared in popularity when the developers first released it and it quickly became one of the most popular games on Steam and Xbox Games Pass. The trailer from X shows us our first look at Bellanoir; it kind of looks like an emo version of the Pokémon, Gardevoir.

This future update follows the roadmap that Pocketpair released for the game back in January. If the developers continue with this general plan, then players can expect other additional features down the line like Pal Arena, which will allow Pals to fight each other, and player-versus-player game content. So dedicated Pal tamers will likely have plenty more other challenges to look forward to in the future.