Microsoft to Minecraft players: Don’t update with Xbox app on PC or risk losing your world

If you’re a Minecraft player on PC, don’t update your game using the Xbox app, Microsoft warned Friday. If you do, you risk losing your Minecraft world. You can use the Xbox app to manage updates for your Windows PC and console, and sometimes it can auto-update if you don’t adjust the settings. Several people responding to the Microsoft message have reported already losing their Minecraft worlds thanks to the update.

“Do not update Minecraft through the Xbox app on PC,” Microsoft tweeted from the Mojang X (formerly Twitter) account. “If you do, your worlds may be lost. We recommend that you run the Gaming Services Repair Tool for PC before installing the Minecraft update.” Microsoft is also warning players when they open Minecraft, according to players posting on the game’s Reddit forum.

Microsoft said players should run the Gaming Services Repair Tool for PC in the Xbox app before installing the new Minecraft update. “Using this tool updates the Gaming Services to version 19.87.13001.0, which will avoid the update error. Below are instructions on running the tool,” Microsoft said on its known issues page. Here’s how:

  • Launch the Xbox app on PC.
  • Click your Profile picture.
  • Click on Support.
  • Click on Gaming Services Repair Tool
  • Click on Start Troubleshooting.

A new Minecraft update was published this week, which was intended to fix bugs and add some “experimental features,” like a new kind of skeleton enemy.