Fantasy 7: Rebirth is discounted to its lowest price ever on Amazon

If you haven’t had a chance to play Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, the gorgeous and occasionally arduous remake of the JRPG classic, you’ll want to check out this deal. Originally priced at $69.99, Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth is currently on sale for $54.99 on Amazon. This is the first significant discount we’ve seen on this title since its launch last summer, and a prime opportunity to add this game to your backlog.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth builds on the foundation of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, taking Cloud Strife and the rest of his crew beyond Midgar to regions filled with new minigames and quests — some of which were not present in the original 1997 version. Rebirth remasters the JRPG classic with overhauled graphics and enhanced gameplay with a slightly adjusted story as well.

If you’ve never played the original or have 90-plus hours to kill, you should consider picking up a copy of FF7 Rebirth.