Fallout’s first look has a Vault Dweller-Ghoul-Brotherhood showdown

Fallout, the new TV show based on the game series (also called Fallout), will be a show about a lot of things: post-apocalyptic survival, weird nuclear creatures, old-timey music, and, as Fallout co-showrunner Geneva Robertson-Dworet has said, factionalism. Nowhere is that clearer than the new preview scene Prime Video dropped ahead of the show’s April 12 premiere.

Freshly sprung from vault life, we see Lucy (Ella Purnell) is not exactly picking her battles — or, at least, not picking them well. In the scene, she confronts The Ghoul (Walton Goggins) with some patented Vault Dweller de-escalation tactics. And though she is finally above ground, she is still decidedly out of her depths.

According to Purnell, that trait is one of the things that excited her about the role.

“She is so innocent and so naive and obviously very privileged as well,” Purnell says. “She’s essentially a newborn baby. She hasn’t had any real life experiences. All she knows is what she was taught and what she’s read in books that she has in the vault.

“It was really exciting for me to start in that place.”

Luckily for this turn at least, a Brotherhood of Steel member shows up to assist Lucy (though we don’t get to see what becomes of it). Still, it’s the first real showcase of how the world of Fallout looks and — bless up — how the Brotherhood of Steel armor moves. Frankly, it looks great, and it elicits the same reaction from me as it does from the Ghoul (albeit with a different tone): Are you fucking kidding me!

Ultimately, the scene gets home what Robertson-Dworet wanted with the idea of factions defining Fallout.

“When you play the game Fallout, you go from settlement to settlement or from faction to faction. And that was something that we were really excited to manifest with our heroes,” Robertson-Dworet said in a press conference earlier this month. “Ella being the Vault Dweller, Aaron [Moten] being the Brotherhood of Steel member, and Walton being sort of the character that, you know, nobody really cares about, the ghouls in the wasteland. But in a way that makes them, of course, the most empathetic.”

Fallout will premiere on April 12 — or technically April 11, depending on your time zone. (It’ll be released at midnight EDT, meaning it comes out at 9 p.m. PDT the Thursday before its release date.) All of the episodes will drop at once.