EA is giving away The Sims 4’s backyard pack for free

Starting Thursday, The Sims 4 publisher Electronic Arts is giving away the Backyard Stuff pack for free across all platforms (EA App, PlayStation, Steam, and Xbox) until April 13.

Backyard Stuff was originally released in 2016 on Mac and Windows PC, and was added to consoles in 2018. As you might have guessed, it’s centered around the backyard: Alongside a shark slip-and-slide, it’s got potted plants, a bird feeder, and other patio add-ons. Of course, there’s added casual fashion and hairstyles, too — you know, stuff you’d wear in the backyard. Overall, it’s a cute pack, and perfect timing as we head out of winter and into spring.

Like all Stuff Packs, it originally cost $10. The Sims 4 has several types of downloadable content, the biggest of which is an expansion pack. Then there’s the Game Pack, which typically adds gameplay elements but not enough to make it an expansion. Stuff Pack follows, adding a bunch of new objects and clothes. In total, The Sims 4 has at least 15 expansions, 12 Game Packs, and 20 Stuff Packs — that’s $200 alone if you wanted all the Stuff Packs, meaning it’s pretty expensive to get all available content. One free pack every so often won’t mitigate that price a lot, but it’s something!

The Sims 4’s last Stuff Pack — albeit not free — is the Crystal Creations Stuff Pack, which adds a way for your Sims to make jewelry from crystals and gemstones. You can also get other The Sims 4 content on sale on the official website on Steam during the platform’s spring sale.