Converse’s new D&D collection of high tops and other gear are a critical success

Converse is partnering with Dungeons & Dragons to celebrate the legendary tabletop franchise’s 50th anniversary with a hot new collection of shoes and other gear that will be available online starting April 11. For those attending this year’s Gary Con, the popular Dungeons & Dragons fan event celebrating its co-creator Gary Gygax, they’ll be available there on March 21.

Converse’s new products display a clear understanding of the assignment. Just look at the designs, which draw inspiration and incorporate details from first editions of D&D’s Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and the Dungeon Masters Guide.

Naturally, the collection includes several limited-edition “Chuck 70” style canvas and leather high top sneakers. The two leather high top designs feature an alternate version of the Chuck Taylor All-Star logo, designed to resemble a D20 instead. The canvas designs feature some other fun details, like illustrations of Kelek the Sorcerer, Warduke the Fighter, and Zarak the Assassin from the D&D action figures made in the 1980’s.

A closeup of the green and black limited-edition Chuck Taylor All-Star shoes. Image: Converse

Some of the patterns, illustrations, and other unique elements will even be ported over to Converse By You, letting you apply them to your own bespoke apparel designs. To top it all off, the box that these high tops ship in has lovingly been transformed into a Mimic.

In addition to the special-edition high tops, Converse’s D&D collection will include a trucker hat, shorts, a sweatshirt, and three T-shirts. The hat and shorts feature the demonic face found on the cover of the player’s guide for the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but my personal favorite is the light green tee that features a Gelatinous Cube, which is consuming the Chuck Taylor logo.

Converse hasn’t revealed any pricing information surrounding the collection just yet, but as someone who wore Chuck Taylors to their wedding, I can’t wait to pick up a pair for myself.