Who says Black Friday has ended? These are our favorite deals you can still grab

Black Friday is over! Or is it? Was Black Friday ever truly just a day? Was it a weekend? Or is it even perhaps a state of mind. No, it’s definitely that first one. The good news is that even though the darkest of retail days has come to pass, there are still plenty of deals available throughout the weekend and on into Cyber Monday. In fact, most of our favorite deals haven’t budged an inch. 

Both the CyberPowerPC—with its bargain 4060 Ti—and the discounted Lenovo Legion Pro with its RTX 4080 are still going strong. Graphics card deals haven’t been the best this year, but if you’re looking to buy a 4070 Ti, you can make a reasonable saving with the Zotac—though equally you may be better off biding your time.

Even further down, we’ve got some great monitor offers, whether you’re looking for something more budget in terms of the 27-inch Asus TUF, or you want to conscientiously splurge on the Alienware 34-inch monitor and make the switch to OLED. It’s a decent saving, though, still pretty extravagant as purchases go.

If you’re all set in the PC department, you might be interested to know that the original LCD Steam Deck is discounted since they’re slowly being phased out. Don’t let that put you off, though; it’s just as powerful as the more recent models, and even though the 64GB storage is a little low, you can always upgrade it with an SSD. This offer is only available while stocks last, but they seem to be lasting.

There you have it; was Black Friday ever just a day? Or was it perhaps the deals we found along the way… I’ll see myself out.

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