When will the Mario movie come to Netflix and streaming?

Mario made the jump to the big screen yet again on Wednesday with The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Although the beloved plumber is one of the most recognizable video game characters of all time, his movie appearances are more limited. This time around, he and his friends are getting the star treatment complete with a full ensemble cast of A-list celebrities paired with a stunningly animated feature film from Illumination, the same studio known for making the Minions movies.

A lot of people who have grown up playing Mario games might be curious about the movie, but might not want to shell out the money for movie tickets or to purchase a physical copy. Luckily for Mario fans, Illumination films have historically appeared on several streaming services after theatrical release, including Netflix, so here is everything we know about when or where to stream the new Mario movie. As more confirmed dates come in, we will update this post.

When does the Mario movie come to Netflix?

While we don’t have a confirmed date for when The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes to Netflix, Illumination parent company Universal has a deal with Netflix that sees their movies arrive on the streaming service after at least four months on Peacock.

We can look at Illumination’s other recent movies, like Minions: The Rise of Gru, as an example that gives us a possible release timeline. Rise of Gru streamed exclusively on Peacock in September 2022, and then came to Netflix roughly seven months after its theatrical release. Given this timeline, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will likely be available to stream on Netflix sometime in October or November 2023.

Will The Super Mario Bros. Movie come to any other streaming services?

Similar to Illumination’s previous movies, like Minions: The Rise of Gru, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will come exclusively to Peacock before other streaming services. The movie will be available to stream on Peacock on Aug. 3, according to the official website.

The movie is available to purchase digitally before the Peacock window. You can do that with one of the links below.

Update (May 16): The movie is now available to rent or own digitally, so we’ve added links to the bottom of the post.

Update (July 6): We’ve updated the post with information about the movie’s release date on Peacock and adjusted pricing for the movie on streaming services.