When and where Barbie will be streaming

Barbie’s first live-action adventure is just now arriving in theaters, but all the Barbies and Kens will soon be available on streaming, so you can watch them over and over again at home.

While we don’t know exactly what Barbie’s streaming and rental release dates will be, we do have some good guesses to go on based on when Warner Bros. has released movies on Max in the recent past. Here’s everything we know so far about when Barbie will be available to stream:

When and where will Barbie be streaming?

Based on previous Warner Bros. movies, Barbie is likely to hit Max sometime around November. This would give the potential box office hit plenty of legs in theaters to rake in as much money as possible over the summer, while also providing Warner Bros. with a family-friendly hit it could throw onto its streaming service during the holiday season.

How big of a deal is the Barbie movie really?

It turns out, it’s pretty huge! First of all, the early box office numbers suggest that everyone wants to see a Barbie movie. It’s already one of the biggest movies of the year and it seems to only be getting bigger (not unlike the massive Barbie in the movie’s 2001: Space Odyssey parody), defying some of the blockbuster disappointments that the rest of the year has held.

More importantly though, Barbie has always been a big deal. As the movie is happy to point out, Barbie holds a very important and unique place in society as a product, as a toy, and as a symbol.

When will Barbie be available to rent?

Barbie is likely to hit VOD services sometime around October. Most movies go up for rental on major platforms about a month before their streaming service release date, but it’s always possible that Barbie becomes available in September if Warner Bros. wants to keep its summer blockbuster momentum going into the early fall.

What can I watch in the meantime?

I’m so glad you asked! The answer is you can watch all 40 of the animated Barbie movies, and we have a ranked list if you just want the best ones.

Will Barbie stream on Netflix?

It will not — at least not any time in the near future. While many movie studios have inked deals with Netflix for their movies to arrive on the platform eventually, Warner Bros. isn’t one of them. Instead, Barbie will be limited to Warner’s in-house streaming service, Max.