What to craft with wind shards in Final Fantasy 16

The wind shard is one of the rewards that you receive after defeating Garuda in Final Fantasy 16, but what can you do with it? If Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t give you much information on a mysterious reward, you can guess that it is either a crafting material or a valuable item. In this case, the wind shard is a crafting material! Read on to find out what the wind shard is used to create.

How to use the wind shard in Final Fantasy 16

After defeating Garuda, you’ll receive a wind shard. Return to Hideaway and head to Blackthorne, Hideaway’s resident blacksmith.

Stormcry crafting materials and stats at the Black Hammer in the Hideaway in Final Fantasy 16 / XVI / FF16. Image: Square Enix Creative/Square Enix via Polygon

Switch to the crafting section to find “Stormcry” a craftable weapon with 135 attack power and 135 stagger power. Luckily, all you need to craft it is one wind shard! The Stormcry can’t be reinforced, but make sure not to sell it because it will be used to make the next weapon, Flametongue.