The new Rogue Trader patch fixes a few nasty dead ends

Owlcat Games continues its work on Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, this time with a patch aimed at rectifying some nagging problems. Patch 1.0.88 contains a multitude of changes, including making skill checks easier across the board. The next major patch will release sometime in January 2024.

Patch 1.0.88 also fixes “a vast majority of broken quests and cutscenes that blocked progression or worked only for specific choices,” made sweeping changes to items and abilities, improved optimization, and tweaked companion quests and responses. This includes fixes to system stability, co-op desync, broken narrative quests, weapon damage, and a particularly tricky ladder that served as a one way trip for the Space Wolf companion Ulfar.

Skill checks are also easier across the board, which is useful for players who lean on lore, persuasion, or medicae checks in their playthroughs. The massive RPG campaign still has some bugs and technical issues that make it difficult to progress: I found myself dismayed when I romanced Heinrix van Calox and found that our dalliance locked him in a “sex mode,” where I couldn’t equip any of his gear or use him in combat. I had to break up with the Inquisition agent to restore his combat potency.

That lingering problem notwithstanding, it’s good to see Owlcat Games continue to polish things up.