The latest PS5 bundle includes Final Fantasy 16, available for pre-order now

Sony is now accepting pre-orders for its latest PlayStation 5 console bundle, which includes a digital code for Final Fantasy 16. The bundle will launch on June 22, the same day the game releases exclusively for PS5. As far as perks are concerned for getting this bundle versus getting the console and game separately, there may not be as many as you hoped for. You’re saving $10 off its usual $69.99 cost, and the box it all comes in sure is pretty, but it’s not some exciting limited edition design, a la Nintendo’s Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-themed Switch OLED.

Final Fantasy 16 is launching with three editions: a $69.99 standard edition, a $99.99 deluxe edition, and a $350 collector’s edition, each including more in-game and physical goodies than the last. The game bundled with the console is, sadly, the standard version. As you might expect, it comes with the same pre-order perks that come with the game if you were to buy it separately from this bundle. That includes the Braveheart weapon, the Cait Sith Charm that boosts Gil (the game’s currency), and the Scholar’s Spectacles, which boost Exp gained from battles. You can see all of the differences between each edition in our Final Fantasy 16 pre-order guide.