The Last of Us Part 2 PS5 remaster unveiled with trailer, release date

It should come as no surprise to fans that The Last of Us Part 2 might have a remastered version in development for PlayStation 5, ever since The Last of Us Part 1 — the PS5 port of the original game — came out in September 2022. The remastered version of the sequel just got a lot more solid, thanks to a leak courtesy of the PlayStation Store and a follow-up by Naughty Dog. The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered will arrive to PS5 on Jan. 19, 2024.

Although The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered isn’t on the PlayStation storefront at this time, it appears to have been in the database at some point recently, because websites that track updates to the PlayStation Store scraped the relevant data about the game. has a listing for the game that links to a now-broken PlayStation Store page. The PSdeals listing includes screenshots that appear to be from the remaster, with the phrase “captured on PS5” (as is standard practice for Sony) visible in the corner.

Insider Gaming first reported the the game’s release date and even found the short teaser trailer that Naughty Dog later released. The teaser starts off with footage of the Part 1 remaster and then progresses to Part 2 footage. Wario64, the deals aficionado made famous on X (formerly Twitter), corroborated the original reporting with a link to the same trailer that appears to be hosted on Sony’s own servers. An official version hit YouTube within hours.

[embedded content]

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered will arrive bundled with a host of special features and an entirely new mode: No Return, described as “a roguelike survival mode designed to let players prove their mettle in randomized encounters and experience The Last of Us Part 2’s combat in a fresh experience.” Featuring a number of new playable characters, each with their own skill set, the hope is to give even the most familiar players a new challenge.

It’s worth noting that the trailer makes no mention of a Windows PC version of The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered. While Sony has been bringing many of its first-party games to PC in recent years, there’s typically been a lag time of more than a year before those PC ports arrive.

Update: Following a leak of the announcement and trailer, Sony issued its official news release and trailer. We’ve updated the story to reflect the details.