The Bluey video game will heal my inner child

Hit Australian children’s show Bluey is officially getting a video game, and the release date has been set for this fall. Bluey: The Video Game arrives Nov. 17.

While the cartoon is definitely tailored for kids, it’s gained a lot of popularity with not just the parents of those children, but also child-free adults. It’s a cute little show, about an excitable young dog and her family, but it’s also emotionally cathartic and has some pretty deep moments. There is a lot of focus on playing pretend, and supportive, loving, and empathetic parenting.

Anyway, the Bluey game will let up to four players control Bluey’s family, so families can play with kids (or also, child-free adult roommates can play with one another). The game will integrate playful activities from the show, the locations in the world, and also brings back the voice cast. The trailer looks just like an episode of the show, and the game will tell an all-new Bluey story.

Bluey: The Video Game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders are available now. Bluey is available to stream on Disney Plus, and even if you think you’re not the audience for it, you should totally check it out.