The best Steam Deck accessory deals for Prime Day

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Valve’s new handheld gaming PC is still a burgeoning piece of tech, but its accessories market is already crowded enough that we decided to gather the best Steam Deck accessory Prime Day deals. Not a lot of big companies are making accessories for the Deck yet, so much of what you’ll find on Amazon right now is of inconsistent quality. We’ve not only sorted through the Prime Day accessory prices to find the best ones, but we’ve also tested many of these products ourselves.

Below is a roundup of what we recommend. Expect to see a lot of JSAUX, one of the first bigger accessory outfits with a whole line of kit for your Deck—it’s got docks, screen protectors, cases, and even backup chargers. You’ll also find at least one product that’s an absolute must-have for Deck owners, including big price drops on microSD cards that can instantly expand the Deck’s memory.