The best Sorcerer builds and skills in Diablo 4

The Sorcerer returns in Diablo 4. Similar to its Wizard counterpart from Diablo 3, the Sorcerer class is capable of casting powerful elemental magic to inflict incredible amounts of damage on groups of enemies. While the Sorcerer may not feel as proficient as the Barbarian or Rogue at fighting single targets, it is without a doubt one of the best classes in Diablo 4 thus far.

While the Sorcerer isn’t as dextrous as the Rogue or as durable as the Barbarian, the class compensates in raw damage potential. Weaving different types of elemental magic together to create devastating effects or even choosing to follow a single elemental path will have the same result. Ultimately, playing as the Sorcerer in Diablo 4 is about killing your enemies before they can even get to you.

Here are the best Sorcerer builds and skills to unlock in Diablo 4.

Best Diablo 4 ‘Mixed Magic’ Sorcerer build

Here’s how to create an effective ‘Mixed Magic’ Sorcerer build:

  • Frost Bolt → Enhanced Frost Bolt → Flickering Frost Bolt
  • Incernate → Enhanced Incernate → Greater Incernate
  • Glass Cannon (3/3)
  • Teleport → Enhanced Teleport → Shimmering Teleport
  • Hydra → Enhanced Hydra → Summoned Hydra
  • Inner Flames → Crippling Flame → Devouring Blaze
  • Meteor → Enhanced Meteor → Mage’s Meteor
  • Blizzard → Enhanced Blizzard → Wizard’s Blizzard
  • Inferno → Prime Inferno → Supreme Inferno
  • Fiery Surge → Endless Pyre → Warmth
  • Coursing Currents → Conduction
  • Esu’s Ferocity

Best Diablo 4 ‘Ice Magic’ Sorcerer build

Here’s how to create an effective ‘Ice Magic’ Sorcerer build:

  • Frost Bolt → Enhanced Frost Bolt → Flickering Frost Bolt
  • Frozen Orb → Enhanced Frozen Orb → Destructive Frozen Orb
  • Ice Armor → Enhanced Ice Armor
  • Glass Cannon (3/3)
  • Frost Nova → Enhanced Frost Nova → Mystical Frost Nova
  • Ice Blades → Enhanced Ice Blades → Summoned Ice Blades
  • Blizzard → Enhanced Blizzard → Wizard’s Blizzard
  • Icy Viel → Snap Freeze → Cold Front
  • Deep Freeze → Prime Deep Freeze → Supreme Deep Freeze
  • Permafrost → Hoarfrost → Frigid Breeze
  • Avalanche (Single Target) / Shatter (AoE)

How to make a great Sorcerer build in Diablo 4

While the most vulnerable of the classes in Diablo 4, the Sorcerer is capable of immense power. The Sorcerer can branch into a total of three different kinds of elemental magic — ice, fire, and lightning. Each branch is strong within its own right, having their own unique benefits. Fire can be used to deal damage over time to enemies, lightning allows for extra maneuverability through a dodge, and ice deals in debuffs and cooldowns. As always, players will want to maximize their damage potential and invest in passives like Glass Cannon regardless of what elemental skills they use.

Much like the Rogue, the Sorcerer can make enemies Vulnerable, which will allow the Sorcerer to deal 20% more damage to any foe inflicted with the status effect. This can be done through the Frost Bolt ice attack, and is available through other attacks through this specific elemental tree. Additionally, Ice Blades is an incredible skill that also has a chance to make enemies Vulnerable. But where it really shines is through the Summoned Ice Blades skill, which reduces the cooldown of all of your other skills by 50% when unlocked and for every 20 seconds you have a cooldown an Ice Blade will spawn on a random enemy. This is why the ice elemental tree deserves its own build tree, due to how effective it can be.

A sorcerer stands next to a verbal description of the sorcerer class in Diablo 4. Image: Blizzard/Activision via Polygon

For those looking to deal in damage over time skills, fire will be your best bet. Almost every fire aspected skill has some kind of burning effect, even the basic Fire Bolt skill will apply Burning damage to any enemies it hits. Flame Hydras and Inferno are also incredible skills for doing both damage over time and massive area of effect damage.

Lightning, on the other hand, is more focused around dealing damage to large numbers of enemies at a time. This is arguably the most efficient elemental tree for those looking to run through dungeons or take on large swaths of enemies in World Events. Additionally, its Teleport adds an extra potential dodge while dealing damage, unlike the Rogue’s Dash. Building into the Teleport tree will also provide you with additional damage reduction as to not leave you entirely helpless to the enemies you teleport into or away from.

You can also further enhance the power of your skills through the use of Augments. Augments are found on Legendary pieces of equipment, including armor, weapons, and accessories. These are special passives that come attached to these pieces of equipment, which can provide the extra edge in combat. You can read more about Augments and how to best utilize them here.

Concerning Paragon levels, the Torch Glyph will be essential for increased fire damage, Frostbite for frost damage, and Charged and Electrocute for lightning damage. For more general stat attribute increases Reinforced, Tactician, and Unleash are good Glyphs to pick. For Legendary Glyphs Burning Instinct is great for general fire damage, with Searing Heat great for Meteor focused builds. Frigid Fate and Icefall are essential picks for ice focused builds, with Elemental Summoner a great general purpose Legendary Glyph. With as varied as the Sorcerer can be at later levels, it is important to remember that you can choose to shift around your ability points freely.

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