Tell Me Why is free on Xbox and Steam for Pride Month

Tell Me Why, a narrative adventure from Dontnod Entertainment and Xbox Publishing, will be free on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Xbox consoles throughout June to celebrate Pride. Tell Me Why stars a pair of twin siblings, Tyler and Alyson Ronan, who are dealing with the death of their mother — and a unique telepathic link. Tyler is also a trans protagonist, which is still a rarity in gaming.

Dontnod made several efforts to make Tell Me Why inclusive while avoiding problematic tropes that often surround trans characters. The developer even released a FAQ before the game’s launch that allowed fans to see whether certain tropes for trans characters would pop up, such as a disapproving parent. The game also features interesting questions about reality and perception, showing the twins’ different takes on memories from their past.

The official Xbox site shared the news, along with a brief statement as to the publisher’s support of the trans community.

Tell Me Why, the award-winning narrative adventure from Dontnod Entertainment and Xbox Publishing, will be available for free on Xbox consoles, the Microsoft Store, and Steam for the entire month of June 2022. To acknowledge that this year has seen a sharp rise in anti-trans sentiment in the United States, Xbox Publishing is accompanying the free period with donations of $25,000 each to Transgender Law Center and Trans Lifeline, two non-profit organizations offering resources and support to trans, non-binary, and genderqueer people.

Xbox Publishing will also raise funds for Trans Lifeline on Thursday, June 23 with a stream of Tell Me Why. If you haven’t had the time to check this game out, or if you’re a fan of narrative adventures, it’s worth going to either the Xbox or Steam platforms to grab a free copy.