Street Fighter 6’s TMNT costumes are so expensive, players are DIYing their own

Capcom and Nickelodeon revealed a delightful collaboration for Street Fighter 6 at Evo 2023 this weekend, letting players dress up their avatars as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Far less delightful for Street Fighter fans was the price of those TMNT outfits: Each one costs roughly the equivalent of $15 in Street Fighter 6’s in-game currency, Fighter Coins.

While that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to cosmetic skins in modern, live-service video games, SF6 players are balking at the prospect of paying nearly $60 for a full team of Ninja Turtles. Some players are taking the DIY route, using Street Fighter 6’s avatar creation tools to make their own off-brand, dollar-store costumes.

On the Street Fighter subreddit, players are showing off their cost-saving costumes:

Sure enough, logging into Street Fighter 6 myself this morning, I ran into a couple players on PlayStation 5 lounging around the Battle Hub in homemade turtle gear. But the number of paying players in official TMNT gear was much higher. For every green guy wearing a giant, upside-down hockey mask on his back, I saw three or four officially licensed turtles walking around the hub. These Ninja Turtle costumes are selling, even at 750 Fighter Coins apiece.

Fighter Coins are a premium, real-money currency, and are sold in batches of 250 ($4.99), 610 ($11.99), 1,250 ($23.99), or 2,750 ($49.99), as seen on Sony’s PlayStation Store. That means an investment of about $55 if you want to dress up as Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Capcom is selling more than just costumes, though. If you want all the TMNT stickers, emotes, accessories, and photo mode frames, that could push the total expense to nearly $100, as VGC reports.

Street Fighter fans are used to this kind of pricing, though inflation has seen cosmetic costs jump from Street Fighter 4 to 5 to 6, somewhat dramatically. There is one potential cost-savings measure available, however: Chipotle is handing out 250 Fighter Coins if you order food online (but only for a limited time and only for the first 5,000 orders) as part of an overall Evo promotion.