Spider-Gwen is the star of Fortnite’s new battle pass

Fortnite’s newest season has begun and that means a new battle pass full of skins and cosmetics for players to unlock. While the latest pass mostly has characters unique to the Fortnite universe, its signature unlock is Spider-Gwen, aka Gwen Stacy, in her iconic costume from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Just like previous seasons, the Chapter 3 Season 4 battle pass will include 100 levels of regular cosmetics, then many bonus levels with cosmetic additions for players really committed to the grind. The premium version of the pass costs 950 V-Bucks, but the free version will also include a few unlockables as well. And you can always buy the pass later and keep your credit if you decide you want the upgrade.

This pass, like other Fortnite battle passes, will also include a special skin that can’t be unlocked until later in the season and requires several specific challenges to unlock. This time around we know that the skin is called The Herald, but Epic hasn’t revealed exactly what it will look like just yet.