Sonic the Hedgehog dressed as Shadow broke my brain

It seems like Sonic the Hedgehog is always finding ways to one-up his rival and frenemy, Shadow. This time, it’s dashing around Sonic Superstars while wearing a onesie that makes him look exactly like his black and red counterpart. The new costume looks like some sort of cosmic horror, and its reveal prompted a wave of responses online making jokes about Sonic’s terrifying but hilarious new look.

The onesie basically transforms Sonic into Shadow from head to toe, save for a small circular cut out on his face. The onesie is a free new costume in Sonic Superstars and was released on Thursday to celebrate the announcement of Sonic X Shadow Generations. This may just a be a minor cosmetic addition, but it comes with an extra dose of pettiness since Sonic Superstars doesn’t actually include Shadow as playable character. Instead this faux-Shadow costume almost makes the addition feel like a taunt of sorts. Sorry Shadow!

However, as some have pointed out, adding a costume of Shadow is much funnier than just adding him to the game. Now, people online are sharing funny commentary and fan art commenting on the cursed Sonic costume on X.

Sonic dressing up as Shadow is far from the only big news to come from our beloved blue hedgehog. He’s still slated to star in the third installment of the live-action film adaptation based on the video game franchise. Sega also announced a reboot of the 2011 game Sonic Generations, Sonic X Shadow Generations, at PlayStation’s State of Play at the end of January. If you’re not a Shadow girlie, well that’s fine too. Paramount dropped a new trailer and details for Paramount’s upcoming live-action series centered around Knuckles as well.