Sins of the Flesh, Cult of the Lamb’s ‘sex update’, is coming out this month

First, they said Sins of the Flesh wouldn’t be “the sex update”. Then they said, fine, since you weird little freaks seem to want it so bad, if Cult of the Lamb gets 300,000 followers on Twitter before the end of 2023, “we will add sex to the game”. And when that happened with unseemly haste, the developers at Massive Monster stuck to their guns and now the free expansion for their spooky-cute action roguelite management sim is almost here.

Among the things Sins of the Flesh will add is a Mating Tent, as seen in the trailer above. When two cultists love each other very much there’s a chance they’ll hop into the Mating Tent and, one Sims-style all-ages woohoo later, hop back out with an egg. That egg can be hatched to give yourself a new follower who will combine some of their parents’ traits Pokémon-style. You can also just eat the egg, because that’s how Cult of the Lamb rolls.

Eggs can also give you Sin, a new resource that can be used to perform rituals like the Rite of Wrath, a real “blood for the blood lamb” kind of ceremony that sends your fuzzy followers into a frenzy of violence, or the Rite of Lust, which makes them nude up and dance. Other ways to earn Sin include forming a Drum Circle and playing a rhythm game, or building a Drinkhouse and serving your followers drinks like Brog Brew and Poop Juice.

Cult of the Lamb’s obsession with poop is reflected in another addition: shiny poop. Presumably like Shiny Pokémon they’re just slightly different and a little rarer. Shiny poop will make your crops grow better, and can also level up your broom somehow. As well as broom XP, Sins of the Flesh is adding a revamped leveling system for followers, who can now join an inner circle as Disciples.

Among the other additions in Sins of the Flesh are a blunderbuss to use in the action roguelite side of the game, and a tailor building for customizing your followers’ outfits. You know, for when they’re not stripping naked to dance around the maypole. Overall it’s a pretty sizeable update, and a nice thing to get for free. Sins of the Flesh will be available on January 16.