Sauron is definitely back in Rings of Power season 2 teaser

If Amazon Studios’ teaser trailer for the second season of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has one thing to say, it’s that Sauron is back and it’s everybody’s problem.

The teaser checks in with most of our characters from season 1 — Elrond, Galadriel, Prince Durin, Arondir, Adar, and even the Stranger. In true “teaser” fashion, it’s light on specific plot details, but a cascade of gold rings — perhaps nine? — and a conspicuously bejeweled ring in the hands of King Durin give a hint at the season’s arc.

Rings of Power’s first had a lot of scene setting to do, as Sauron wormed his way into the confidence of elven leadership and put his mitts all over the forging of their three rings of power. Season 2 seems to continue with the two other sets of rings — the seven for the dwarves “in their halls of stone,” and “nine for mortal men doomed to die.”

Also: There’s a big eagle! He better talk like the ones in the books because I will not stand for another wave of “Why didn’t they just ride eagles to Mordor?” I’ve put in my time!

Amazon has not revealed a release date for the new season, but given that it is scheduled to drop sometime in 2024, a fall release date — similar to the first season’s September premiere — seems likely.