Rock Band finally adds more Muse — 14 years later

For the first time in 14 years, Rock Band is finally bringing more Muse songs. A new DLC launching on Thursday will feature “Knights of Cydonia,” “Starlight,” and “Won’t Stand Down.” The songs are individually available for $1.99 or in a pack for $5.49. Additionally, all three tracks will be included in the Rock Band 4 Season 28 pass.

Rock Band fans have been clamoring for more Muse songs since the European launch of the first game in 2008. To this date, the only Muse song available in the entire series has been “Hysteria,” which originally came only in the European version, before being released as a DLC in North America later in 2008. Since then, fans have begged for more Muse (“moar Muse”) on subsequent Rock Band releases, but their wishes haven’t been granted until now.

Muse’s latest album — which includes one of the DLC’s featured songs, “Won’t Stand Down” — came out on Aug. 26.