Persona 5 Royal darts answers and minigame guide

In Persona 5 Royal, you can play darts with your teammates at the Penguin Sniper Lounge in Kichijoji. After Ryuji invites you on June 5, you’ll have full access to the lounge whenever you want.

Playing darts with your party members will increase the effects of Baton Pass. At max rank, Baton Pass will be significantly stronger, restoring HP and SP. You’ll want your teammates to get this bonus, so you definitely want to try playing darts with each Phantom Thief.

Notably, if you finish the round of darts then they’ll level up their Baton Pass rank by one, but if the team member finishes the round, they’ll level it up by two, maxing it out in one go. For those looking to save time, you’ll want to have each character max out their Baton Pass rank in one match.

Persona 5 Royal darts tips

Ideally, you’ll want to hit as many bullseyes as you can per round, scoring 150 points per turn. Doing so will increase your Proficiency an extra point, which isn’t completely necessary but it’s a nice bonus. We’ve provided some tips for the darts minigame below:

  • Save before you play in case you make mistakes.
  • Don’t use the motion controls to throw the dart (if your platform tells you to). On PlayStation, you can press X to throw the dart instead of waving the controller.
  • After one person plays, a random team member in attendance will say it’s their turn. If this is a team member you already ranked up or you don’t want to rank up, soft reset your game.
  • If you give the team member the correct answer (see below) and it’s possible to win on turn four, they will win the game, giving you two Baton Pass ranks. Make sure the score is winnable by turn four.
  • Buying the Dart Set from the Shibuya Underground Mall and reading the book “Learn Pro Darts” from the Shinjuku book store will make the game easier.

Persona 5 Royal darts answers

On turn four, each of the main Phantom Thieves will ask for encouragement. Responding with the correct answer will ensure that they win the game (as long as the score allows them to), and you’ll rank up their Baton Pass twice. The correct answers are as follows:

  • Ann: Just play like normal.
  • Morgana: I’m counting on you.
  • Yusuke: Pretend like you’re painting.
  • Ryuji: You gotta psych yourself up!
  • Makoto: Take a deep breath.
  • Futaba: This is real.
  • Haru: Have fun with it.

Since you can’t Baton Pass to Futaba, you don’t need to play darts with her, but you still can if you want for Confidant points.

Akechi has no phrase, since he will only play darts with 701 rules, meaning you cannot get him to finish the game. You’ll have to play with him twice to get him to max rank no matter what.

For the spoiler characters from the third semester, we’ve listed them below this image, so scroll at your own risk.

A long, large spoiler-warning image of Kasumi from Persona 5 Royal in her Phantom Thief outfit Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Atlus/Sega
  • Sumire: Trust your instincts.