Overwatch 2 bringing back highly coveted Pink Mercy skin for charity

After years of requests from Overwatch fans, Blizzard is bringing back the Pink Mercy skin it released in 2018 as part of the “Mercy for a Cause” charity campaign with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. That skin raised $12.7 million in proceeds six years ago, during its two-week window of availability, and Overwatch players who missed out on it the first time have long begged for its return.

Later this month, Blizzard will make the Pink Mercy skin available for purchase once again in Overwatch 2. And just as it was in 2018, all purchase proceeds will be donated to support life-saving breast cancer research.

The original Pink Mercy skin will cost $15 — the same price it was sold for in 2018 — and will be joined by a new variant of that skin, Rose Gold Mercy, pictured above. The latter skin will be available in a bundle priced at $20. Those charity cosmetics will be available from June 25 to July 8.

The original “Mercy for a Cause” campaign led to the largest single donation ever made to BCRF, the organization said in a news release. Blizzard and the BCRF said in a news release they hope to repeat that success with the Pink Mercy skin’s relaunch.

Overwatch - Mercy, a blonde woman with technological wings and a long staff, is wearing her Pink ski with ribbons and pink armor. She is raising her pistol, mid Play of the Game animation.
The original Pink Mercy skin
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

“Blizzard is thrilled to be working alongside BCRF once again, bringing attention and funding to such an important cause,” said Johanna Faries, president of Blizzard Entertainment, in a statement. “Overwatch recently crossed the 100 million lifetime player milestone, and we hope that our amazing community will once again rally to help support the critical work of BCRF, all while showcasing these beautiful skins in-game.”

“Overwatch launched one of the first charity partnerships in the gaming space with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation seven years ago—their innovation in the gaming industry mirrors the innovation BCRF is spurring in research to eradicate breast cancer,” said BCRF president and CEO Donna McKay in a statement. “Thanks to the unprecedented funds raised by passionate gamers in 2018, we also launched the first initiative designed to pinpoint exactly how to prevent breast cancer in each individual person—what we’ve dubbed The Precision Prevention Initiative (PPI). We are at a critical inflection point as incidence of breast cancer continues to rise and there is still more work to be done. We are thrilled to renew this collaboration to see how we can continue driving change, and saving lives, together.”

Overwatch 2 is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Blizzard’s hero shooter is free to play, and a recent update made all of the game’s heroes unlockable for free.