Overwatch 2 beta officially set for April 26

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After a long (long) wait, Blizzard announced today that the Overwatch 2 PvP beta will begin on April 26 with new heroes, maps, and 5v5 gameplay. The announcement comes a week after Blizzard kicked off a closed alpha of the sequel and opened signups for the beta on its website.

Blizzard talked more about the ongoing alpha during a developer livestream today. We learned a little more about upcoming hero reworks and what exactly will be April PvP beta. Details are still pretty light, but here’s what beta players can look forward to:

  • New hero: Sojourn, a Canadian (so she’s automatically my favorite) with an armored parka and a railgun.
  • New mode: Push – Teams battle to take control of a robot that begins in a central location on a symmetrical map, then push it toward the enemy base. Either team may take control of the robot at any time. The team that pushes the robot furthest onto the enemy side wins the game.
  • Four new maps: Circuit Royal (Escort), Midtown (Hybrid), New Queen Street (Push), and Colosseo (Push)
  • Hero Reworks: Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, and Sombra
  • New Ping System

Also, Doomfist is apparently a tank now. Certified, even.

The testing will take place across a series of closed betas, the first beginning on April 26. If you’d like to take part—and you probably do, since you’re reading this—you can sign up for admission at playoverwatch.com.