Our pal Brian David Gilbert joins Dropout’s Um, Actually for upcoming season

Um, Actually, one of the many fun shows on the burgeoning streaming platform Dropout, released a trailer for its upcoming ninth season, which features some exciting changes and plenty of new faces. Regular guest Ify Nwadiwe is the new host, replacing show creator Mike Trapp (as depicted in a Doctor Who parody in the trailer). And former Polygon video producer Brian David Gilbert will be the show’s new fact checker, replacing executive producer Michael Saltzman.

Um, Actually is a pedantic trivia show where guests have to spot minor inaccuracies in nearly-true pieces of nerd trivia. Like Jeopardy!, they have to phrase each answer in a certain way — by starting with “Um, actually” — or the answer does not count.

This season’s guest stars previewed in the trailer include Harvey Guillén (What We Do in the Shadows), Dante Basco (Hook, Avatar: The Last Airbender), Demi Adejuyigbe, and drag queens Jujubee, Monét X Change, Trinity the Tuck, among many more. Both Trapp and Saltzman appear as guests this season, so they won’t be far from the show.

Jujubee, Monét X Change, Trinity the Tuck share a laugh in drag on the set of Um, Actually Image: Dropout

The trailer also showcases plenty of Dropout regulars and even more Polygon connections than BDG: Former Galaxy Brains host Jonah Ray and former Polygon entertainment reporter Karen Han make an appearance, while Dropout regular Erika Ishii is seen wearing a certain familiar T-shirt. We just love classic games!

While Um, Actually is Dropout’s oldest still-running series on the platform, starting in 2015, the streaming service is best known as the home of the popular actual play franchise Dimension 20, as well as game shows like Make Some Noise and Game Changer.

The first episode of Um, Actually season 9 premieres February 27 on Dropout. New episodes will release every other Tuesday.