New Terminator survival game tasks you with surviving Judgment Day

Publisher Nacon and its Milan-based development studio are making a new Terminator video game — the sci-fi franchise’s first open-world survival game, the publisher says. On Thursday, Nacon Studio Milan revealed a brief teaser for the project, showing a T-800 model Terminator endoskeleton on the hunt for human prey.

The untitled Terminator game will be set after the events of Judgment Day, the nuclear holocaust instigated by Skynet that destroys much of humanity, and before the creation of John Connor’s Resistance against the machines. In other words, it will be set before the events of another Nacon-published game, the 2019 first-person shooter Terminator: Resistance, where players battle Skynet’s mechanized forces in the War Against the Machines.

Nacon is withholding further details, other than to confirm that its new game is coming to PC and unspecified consoles “in the distant future.” But a survival-style game set in the post-Judgment Day setting of the Terminator franchise certainly has promise, given how scrappy the Resistance was portrayed in various Terminator movies, comics, and video games, not to mention how threatening Terminators are.

The developer of Terminator: Resistance, Teyon, is currently working on a new first-person shooter game based on RoboCop called RoboCop: Rogue City.