Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is free when you buy a PS5

The new, slimmer PlayStation 5 is just about to arrive, but first, Sony’s got to do something to sell all of the pre-existing consoles. It’s plan to do that is now active: include Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for free. The console bundle that typically costs $559.99 and includes the disc version of the PS5 and a code for the game now costs $499.99.

Seeing this price on a PS5 console bundle isn’t unprecedented, but it’s certainly notable given how recently Sony launched Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 — a heck of a game, by the way. So long as you don’t suffer too much from a fear of missing out on the slim PS5 (which based on early analysis and teardowns doesn’t seem all that different), this is a fantastic deal if you’re getting a console for yourself, or as a gift.

With Black Friday arriving in just a couple of weeks, this is an encouraging sign from Sony that the deals this year are going to be fantastic for gamers.