Look elegant and punch your bullies in Uniqlo’s new Spy x Family collab

When Anya Folger isn’t busy putting bullies in their place, taking over the manga universe, or helping with her dad’s missions, she is sporting the latest Eden Academy looks, and now you can too — or at least you can rep the show.

With Spy x Family on hiatus, Uniqlo is stepping up to fill the void in our hearts and take our money with their latest anime collab — a series of Spy x Family T-shirts.

It’s a small collection — there’s four tees, all short-sleeved. But each provides its own flavor for the avid Spy x Family fan: You’ve got your standard logo with triptych on the back; your three main characters posed together; a Loid Forger solo, for those who feel he’s the best new anime boy; and meme queen Anya hiding her smirk behind a pocket with the coveted Stella Star (and an ever-feared demerit bolt).

Unfortunately — though, with her internet notoriety, not particularly surprising — that last one is already sold out in every size. The others appear to be going fast as well, so if you’re interested I suggest you scoot over to the site as soon as possible. With any luck, that popularity means this isn’t the last Spy x Family merch we get to invest in. Either way, Spy x Family can’t come back soon enough.