Lego Fortnite players found a way to make steerable cars and planes

Lego Fortnite, the newest spinoff of the classic battle royale, hasn’t even been live for a week yet and fans are already hard at work finessing their building skills, using Lego pieces to make some really cool stuff. It’s the dominant game mode in Fortnite at the moment — Lego Fortnite has already boasted 2.45 million concurrent players, a wild number. And these players are using the inventive new building capabilities of Lego to create extremely cool cars and planes — among many other creations.

Part of what’s impressive is the way players have found workarounds for steering. Making cars and aircraft were definitely intentional options; the official trailer shows players flying into the air in structures using balloons and thrusters. But players haven’t found any steering wheels in the game, at least at the time of writing — though steering wheels do exist in physical Lego sets. However, there are lever switches that can toggle thrusters on or off. And so players have positioned those thrusters on either side of a car, and toggled them on or off to steer their vehicles.

Fans have also figured out how to make airships using thrusters and balloons, steering them in a similar manner.

Lego Fortnite is a delightful addition to the core game. The survival mode is very Minecraft-coded, with similar block-based building and survival gameplay — with crafting, building, farming, and more. But if you stick the game in creative mode, you have more flexibility to simply build incredible machines that feel a lot like the creations you can make using The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s Zonai Devices.

There’s a lot of pieces to sort through as you’re building, which is both creatively exciting and a bit terrifying. Fans have already started to share their work on the Lego Fortnite subreddit, jokingly comparing themselves to Hyrule Engineers (the subreddit dedicated to complicated TOTK builds). It’s early days yet, and it’s exciting to imagine what contraptions are only yet to come.