Is Starfield coming out on a disc?

Hold it a minute, is Starfield shipping on a disc, or not?

Bethesda Softworks’ official support account said on Sunday — in a tweet since deleted — that “there are no physical discs.” Retail versions will include a code for Xbox Series X or Windows PC.

The fact the tweet was walked back, plus that it conflicts with an answer Bethesda’s Spanish-language Twitter gave shortly after the June 11 Starfield Direct presentation, has folks guessing there will be a disc release. Bethesda just hasn’t done a good job of confirming that.

Asked if there were versions on disc, the Spanish-language account replied, “the standard [edition] has a disc, while the Constellation edition has a code engraved on a collector’s item.” Best Buy’s retail listing says this is a physical media release, so that’s a help, but other retailerslistings don’t confirm or specify which versions actually do come on a disc.

A code on a SteelBook display case seems fine, because if you’re splurging for the Constellation Edition (sold out, btw) you probably want the other premiums and don’t mind not having a disc.

But a “standard edition” sold in stores with a download code only? Sure, for Xbox Series S (assuming people buy those games at retail) that’s fine because it has no disc drive. But as several replied to the deleted tweet, who would spend $70 on an empty case?

Polygon has reached out to a Bethesda representative for clarification. Starfield launches Sept. 6 for Windows PC and Xbox Series X, and will be available day one on PC and Xbox Game Pass.

Update: Bethesda, in a statement to Polygon, confirmed that the standard edition of Starfield for Xbox Series X will include a physical, on-disc version of the game.

“We did just update the SKU page to reflect that discs will come with the physical standard edition on Xbox,” a representative said. “We will be pointing folks to that page to clarify the matter.” Starfield’s pre-order FAQ page has more.