Interactive Wheel of Time map will make keeping up with the show easy

It’s awfully hard to keep track of where all the action is happening on fantasy TV shows, and Prime Video’s Wheel of Time is no exception. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, with characters running from one city to the next and the story jumping between them; it’s just easy to get lost. Thankfully, Wheel of Timelines has an interactive map that can help guide you through the world of The Westlands.

The map features both The Westlands and the Aiel Waste. Even better, the map will let you scroll point by point through the events of the Wheel of Time books while showing you exactly where each thing happened.

This does mean that not everything will directly correspond to the events of the TV series, since there are quite a few differences between the show and the books, but even still, it should be pretty helpful in keeping track of where everyone’s at.

The first three episodes of Wheel of Time’s second season premiere Sept. 1 on Prime Video.