I already thought Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree’s new throwing weapons were sick, but at least one of them also seems to have near-infinite range

As shared by fan account Elden Ring Media on X, “The Everything App,” Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree‘s new throwing weapons are even cooler than we thought, with box art boss Messmer’s Spear of the Impaler seeming to have near-infinite range that allows for some gnarly open world trick shots.

The Spear of the Impaler has a pretty sick ash of war that replicates one of Messmer’s more infuriating combos from his boss fight⁠—see also the wimpy version of Waterfowl Dance you can pull off with the Hand of Malenia⁠—but its real standout feature is its strong attack, which throws the spear before it instantly returns to your hand. If you charge up the throw, it’ll also deliver a dark flame explosion on impact.

Now, you’d think this thing would have a max range like the Souls series’ bows and spells, or even other new throwing weapons like the Smithscript Daggers, but as you can see from Elden Ring Media’s video, that’s just not the case. While shots are tricky to land without an aiming reticle, they manage to utterly annihilate some enemies over hill and dale. There’s a delightfully slapstick element to the delay between each toss and the impact too, and I love how they cheekily pull out the spyglass to survey the carnage.

Does this have many practical applications for Shadow of the Erdtree’s toughtest fights? Not really, but it is cool as all hell to see it in action. Really, Shadow of the Erdtree has some of the best weapons FromSoft has ever made, and even if throwing spears aren’t your thing, you’ll find something to love. While PCG online editor Fraser Brown swears by the Dryleaf Arts, I’ve been loving the light greatsword Milady paired with a cold infusion and the Wing Stance ash of war.