How to use the Prayer Room Key in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The Prayer Room Key is a key part of Fire Knight Queelign’s quest in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. You’ll specifically need it for the third and final stage of the Fire Knight Queelign quest in Shadow of the Erdtree, which can net you a sweet reward.

In this Elden Ring DLC guide, we’ll show you where to find the Prayer Room Key in the Elden Ring DLC and how to use it in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Prayer Room Key location in Elden Ring DLC

First, if you’ve stumbled upon the Prayer Room and you don’t yet have the key, worry not. You need to ensure you’ve killed Fire Knight Queelign twice, and he shows up in two places you’ll almost certainly have gone past by now.

Fire Knight Queelign shows up for the first time in Belurat. Fast travel to the Small Private Altar Site of Grace, head up the stairs past the knight dual-wielding swords, and take a right-hand turn. Follow the path to the end to the courtyard with a big tree and Queelign will invade. Kill him once to get the first batch of loot.

Next, head to the Church of the Crusade in Scadu Altus. This is the massive building with an outline on your map, north-west of the Highroad Cross Site of Grace, which is the first one you’ll encounter after defeating Rellana, Twin Moon Knight. As soon as you enter the church, Queelign will attack again. Defeating him will reward you with the Prayer Room Key.

Where to use the Prayer Room Key in Elden Ring DLC

A map shows where to find the Prayer Room Key room in Elden Ring DLC. Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

Once you’ve killed Queelign twice, you can find the Prayer Room in the church district of Shadow Keep, which is on the eastern side.

You can access it either via the Specimen Storehouse or, if you enter from the east after passing through Moorth Ruins, Bonny Village, and past the Shaman Village, you’ll ascend a long staircase. This route is preferable, as getting to the Prayer Room from here is slightly more straightforward.

An Elden Ring DLC player walks toward the Prayer Room. Image: FromSoftware/Bandai Namco via Polygon

You essentially want to jump across the rooftops until you end up on the roof in the middle of the flooded area, with an enormous hole and some crossed beams to drop onto. Hop down onto the beams then drop again to the ground floor. Don’t go toward the crabs because in the other direction you’ll find the locked door to the Prayer Room, which you can now open and find Fire Knight Queelign curled up in a ball inside.

As for what’s next? Our Fire Knight Queelign quest walkthrough can break down the ramifications of the choice, which itself involves finding the Iris of Grace or Iris of Occultation.

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