How to get ancient civilization parts in Palworld

To progress in Palworld, you’ll need ancient civilization parts to build upgrades for your character and base. Quite a few things need ancient civilization parts, including egg incubators, shields, sphere launchers, and other helpful items.

Below, we explain how to get ancient civilization parts in Palworld and we put you to some early-game areas to grab them easily.

How to get ancient civilization parts in Palworld

You can get ancient civilization parts from multiple sources, but they mostly involve taking on tough Pals. They are as follows:

  • Defeating tower bosses
  • Defeating or catching Alpha Pals (the boss-looking ones that have their own map icons)
  • Defeating or catching lucky Pals
  • Opening chests found around the world

You can rematch Alpha Pals and tower bosses, so they are technically a near-infinite source of ancient civilization parts (barring the fact that they take a bit to respawn). That said, farming out lower-level alpha Pals, like the Chillet and Penking, is a good idea. We’ve marked some early game bosses to farm ancient civilization parts from on the map below:

A map pointing out several low level Palworld bosses, including Chillet and Bushi Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: Pocketpair

The bosses on the above map are:

  • Chillet (level 11, ice/dragon)
  • Penking (level 15, water/ice)
  • Azurobe (level 17, water/dragon)
  • Grintale (level 17, neutral)
  • Kingpaca (level 23, neutral)
  • Katress (level 23, dark)
  • Bushi (level 23, fire)
  • Zoe and Grizzbolt (approximately 30,000 HP, electric)

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