How to find the ‘suspicious shadow’ at Waterfall Soup in Zenless Zone Zero

To earn the “Timely Assistance Medal IV,” Officer Mewmew tells you to investigate a “suspicious shadow” by Waterfall Soup at night in Zenless Zone Zero. However, there are two nighttime options to pick from, and the target only appears during one of them.

Below, we explain where to find this suspicious shadow in Zenless Zone Zero.

How to find the ‘suspicious shadow’ at Waterfall Soup

The time will need to be set to evening (the symbol with the moon, not the moon and cloud) to find our target. You can change the time by resting on the sofa or by clicking/tapping the time in the top left and selecting “rest.” If you’ve already rested that day, you can spend some time in the Hollow Deep Dive System or Combat Simulations to make more time pass. Completing side quests will also make time pass.

Once it’s evening, head over to Waterfall Soup (the ramen shop pictured at the top of this post) to find a Treasure Hunter Bangboo chilling on the side behind the delivery moped. Interact with it, solve the puzzle, and that’s all you need to do to fulfill Officer Mewmew’s objective.

For your efforts, you’ll get 10 Polychrome, one W-engine power supply, and 5,000 Denny.

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