How to craft a compass and spyglass in Lego Fortnite

Sand is a resource that’s been added to Lego Fortnite with the Gone Fishin’ update. Finding it lets you make glass and new tools like the compass and spyglass.

Our Lego Fortnite guide will explain where to find sand and turn it into glass, and then how to make a basic compass, spyglass, and survival compass.

Where to find sand in Lego Fortnite

Sand, scientifically speaking, is just hot soil [citation needed], so you collect it the same way. Head to a Dry Valley desert biome or a beach and use a shovel (3 wooden rods, 1 plank) on the ground. If you head to the desert, make sure you’re prepared for the hot temperatures.

Picking up sand for the first time will unlock the recipe for glass.

How to make glass in Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite glass recipe at a metal smelter Image: Epic Games via Polygon

In order to turn sand into something useful, you’ll need to take it to a metal smelter (5 brightcore, 35 obsidian slabs, 3 blast cores). There, you can turn 2 sand and 1 brightcore into 1 glass.

Adding glass to your inventory unlocks the recipes for a spyglass and a basic compass.

How to make a compass and spyglass in Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite basic compass recipe at a crafting bench Image: Epic Games via Polygon

You’ll just head to a crafting bench to create both new recipes:

  • Basic compass takes 2 glass and 1 wolf claw to create
  • Spyglass takes 4 glass and 1 knotroot rod

The spyglass works like any other tool and you equip it to your quickbar. The compass gets added to your charms and equipment. Placing it there adds a compass to the top of your HUD.

How to make a survival compass in Lego Fortnite

Lego Fortnite survival compass recipe at a crafting bench Image: Epic Games via Polygon

Once you’ve made a compass, add a copper bar to your inventory to unlock the survival compass. For one of those, you’ll need 5 glass, 1 sand claw, and 1 copper bar.

The survival compass replaces the basic compass in your charms and equipment. Slotting it in keeps the compass on top of your HUD and also adds in markers for things like villages and caves.

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