Honey, Call of Duty shrunk Kevin Durant? Or else he’s got a hell of a hitbox

Kevin Durant, the 13-time NBA All-Star and two-time NBA Finals MVP, is the next celebrity skin coming to Call of Duty’s three flavors of multiplayer — Modern Warfare 2, Warzone 2.0, and Call of Duty Mobile. Durant is also 6-foot-10 IRL, which gives us one of two scenarios here, both of them delightful.

Scenario 1: (Very unlikely.) Call of Duty developers have left Durant at his actual size, relative to other operators with a corresponding hit box, making him, like, the anti-Oddjob for this particular first-person shooter. Even more unlikely, he’s 6-10 with a 6-0 or 6-1 hitbox, meaning everything from his collarbone up is a miss. Dome-shot that, chump!

Scenario 2: More plausibly, Durant was placed in the shrinkalizer and lost about a foot or so. This is because Call of Duty uses standard hitboxes, which means no one gets an advantage (or disadvantage) based on size, at the cost of some marginally correct or incorrect hits and misses.

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We reached out to an Activision rep yesterday to ask which it was, but we haven’t heard back yet. In my email, I proposed a third way, which is that, yes, this Operator is the standard Call of Duty size, but he’s Durant’s alter ego, “Easy Money Sniper,” (which happens to be Durant’s Instagram handle). Now, he may look exactly like Durant, and Durant and Easy Money Sniper may never be in the same room together, but hey, totally different guy over in Call of Duty land.

Apparently, though, Activision and Durant won’t be going with that route. A Facebook post Wednesday afternoon confirmed that EMS and KD#35 are one and the same. Anyway, the Easy Money Sniper skin will be available as a limited time bundle from the Call of Duty Store during season 3 Reloaded, which begins May 10.