Here’s a game where you’re a fantasy dungeon’s put-upon janitor

Mops & Mobs – A Sweeping Dungeon Novel Demo Teaser – YouTube
Mops & Mobs - A Sweeping Dungeon Novel Demo Teaser - YouTube

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Somewhere between dungeon crawler and visual novel and satire we’ve got upcoming game Mops & Mobs: A Sweeping Dungeon Novel—release date to be announced, demo available now. In it you’re the janitor for a fantasy dungeon populated by weird monsters, often-raided by adventurers, and lorded over by some kind of Dungeon Master who, it seems, is well-loved but not particularly capable.

“Welcome to your new job! As the dungeon’s janitor you take care of our monsters’ well-being, pick up adventurers’ left-over limbs, decorate the dungeon and find ways to let our beloved Dungeon Master look more competent,” reads the official description.

Billing itself as a “Visual Novel slash Dungeon Crawler slash Room Decoration Simulator” I must say that Mops & Mobs has a really charming, fairly lo-fi aesthetic that blends 2D sprites with 3D environments in a way that gamers of a certain predilection (me) find very compelling. Of course I want to clean up the severed limbs. Of course I want to satisfy the rat-chefs in the dungeon mess and also decorate the dungeon mess.

Mops & Mobs is made by Rat King Entertainment, a German indie duo who’ve been in games for quite a while now. Their previous Steam releases are the short little indie adventure Solitune and the first-person puzzler Tri: Of Friendship and Madness, which is about summoning little triangular platforms by placing end points.

You can find Mops & Mobs: A Sweeping Dungeon Novel on Steam, where it doesn’t yet have a release date, but it does have a demo.