Google extends the deadline to upgrade Stadia controllers to Bluetooth by another year, which is a relief for the one guy who still has his new in box

We gave everyone a gentle nudge at the start of December to remind them that the clock on the Bluetooth upgrade option for the Stadia controller was ticking down: Google had given Stadia owners until the end of 2023 to convert their controllers to wireless functionality, or be stuck with wires forever. But someone, somewhere, decided the deadline was too tight, because now that deadline has been pushed to the end of 2024.

The option to convert Stadia controllers to standard Bluetooth functionality was offered in January as something of a parting gift for owners. It’s not a use-it-or-lose it situation: Even without any further adaptation, the Stadia controller works quite nicely as a wired unit. Wireless is awfully convenient, though, and while Stadia’s WiFi functionality isn’t doing anyone much good these days, Bluetooth is very common.

By all appearances, the process is relatively simple and painless, and I would’ve thought that a full year would’ve been plenty of time for everyone to get it done. But stragglers have lucked out: Head over to the Stadia Bluetooth mode page and where it once said, “Available until December 31, 2023,” it now says, “Available until December 31, 2024.” Otherwise, nothing appears to have changed.

It’s fair to assume that there aren’t countless thousands of people out there who’ve been putting off their Stadia controller upgrade in favor of, I don’t know, watching Law and Order reruns or something. But at least one guy is happy for the extra time. “I have two unboxed Stadia controllers and one sealed still,” redditor TheG00dFather wrote. “Half tempted to keep it sealed for the next 20 years. But good to know I have another year to think it over lol.”

So the pressure is off for now, which is good news if you happen to be in that same boat. We’ll try to remember to give you another gentle nudge about the new looming deadline when December 2024 rolls around.