From the creators of Bloodborne PSX, comes Bloodborne Kart

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If the world was a better, more harmonious, more logical place, every successful entertainment series would have its own kart racer. Occasionally we catch glimpses of this splendid ideal: there was a James Bond kart racer. There was a Muppets kart racer. But what if there was a Resident Evil kart racer, or a Firewatch kart racer, or—dare to dream—a Bloodborne kart racer? Well, where the latter is concerned: it’s happening, as a fan project.

Lilith Walther, one of the creators of the recent, and brilliant, Bloodborne PS1 Demake, announced Bloodborne Kart on Twitter earlier today. It’s not just a joke, as PS1 demake trailers usually are. Bloodborne Kart is real.

Well, it started as a joke. Walther posted some footage on Twitter way back in April 2021, as an April Fool’s Joke. But as far as I’m aware, March is not a month for fooling around, and besides, Walther writes on Twitter that “It’s happening, #BloodborneKart is real and will be coming out as soon as it’s ready!”

Here’s that 2021 footage, for your viewing pleasure:

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Given how substantial the Bloodborne PS1 demake was, I have high hopes that Bloodborne Kart will be brilliant. Anyway, it’s about time the inhabitants of From Software’s bleak game worlds learned to settle their differences non-violently. But the mind boggles at the possibilities: sure, racing against Father Gascoigne would be fun, but what about burning around Yarnham with Rom, The Vacuous Spider on your tail? Terrifying, and no doubt, cute.