Fortnite OG season schedule dates, and when does the season end?

Understanding the Fortnite OG season schedule will let you know when your favorite Chapter 1 map will return to Fortnite.

Starting with Season 5, the map will be updated each Thursday to the next season (or two) in order, before concluding with Chapter X in early Dec.

Each update will also introduce many of those season’s items, weapons, and vehicles to complete the trip down memory lane. Here’s when you can expect each week in Fortnite OG, and when Fortnite OG ends.

Fortnite OG season schedule dates

Before we go week-by-week and season-by-season, here’s the complete Fortnite OG season schedule at a glance:

  • Nov. 3 to Nov. 9: Season 5
  • Nov. 9 to Nov. 16: Season 6
  • Nov. 16 to Nov. 23: Seasons 7 and 8
  • Nov. 23 to Dec. 2: Seasons 9 and X
  • Dec. 2: Fortnite OG ends

What follows is what has been confirmed to be added to Fortnite OG so far, with developer Epic saying items could be remain for the entire season, or only stay for that given week. We’ll find out exactly what is available when each week’s hotfix arrives.

It is also teased there is more to come than what’s announced so far — suggesting a few surprises along the way. (Fingers crossed for the Bow and Balloons!)

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Fortnite OG Week 1 (Season 5)

A Season 5 preview in Fortnite OG Image: Epic Games

Season 5 is the launch season of Fortnite OG, running between Friday, Nov. 3, and Thursday, Nov. 9, and is perhaps the closest to a “classic” Chapter 1 season as we’re going to get.

Featured vehicles are the Shopping Kart and All Terrain Kart (also known as the golf kart), as well as the Damage Trap, Grappler and Boogie Bomb items. Weapons Pump Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, Assault Rifle also make an appearance.

Fortnite OG Week 2 (Season 6)

A Season 6 preview in Fortnite OG Image: Epic Games

Season 6 is coming to Fortnite OG between Thursday, Nov. 9, and Thursday, Nov. 16. This was perhaps best known as the “Halloween season,” and was when the Cube decided to set up residence at Loot Lake.

New this week is the Quadcrasher, Mounted Turret, and Driftboard, the latter of which was first introduced in Season 7, but is showing up here early. Meanwhile, new items and weapons include the Double Barrel Shotgun, Clinger, Six Shooter, Chiller Trap, Port-a-Fortress “and more,” according to Epic.

Fortnite OG Week 3 (Season 7 and Season 8)

A Season 7 and Season 8 preview in Fortnite OG Image: Epic Games

Season 7 and Season 8 are coming to Fortnite OG between Thursday, Nov. 16, and Thursday, Nov 23, and is set to introduce some of the more significant map changes, such as the snow biome and pirate-themed points of interest.

In terms of things to play with, the Pirate Cannon and X-4 Stormwing (Fortnite’s plane) can help propel you across the map quickly in their own respective ways. Meanwhile, expect items Buried Treasure, Poison Dart Trap and Itemized Glider Redeploy to be joined by the Minigun, Quad Launcher, and Flint-Knock Pistol.

Fortnite OG Week 4 (Season 9 and Season X)

A Season 9 and Season X preview in Fortnite OG Image: Epic Games

The final week of Fortnite OG highlights Season 9 and Season X (also known as Season 10, and the last season of Chapter 1), and runs between Thursday, Nov. 23, and Saturday, Dec. 2.

On the weapon front, expect the Proximity Grenade Launcher, Air Strike and Heavy Sniper Rifle to make a comeback, as well as items Storm Flip and Junk Rift. Best of all? Jetpacks and The Baller make their return also show up, which are as divisive as they are a blast to use.

When does Fortnite OG end?

The Fortnite OG map on a sky blue background Image: Epic Games

According to the in-game countdown, Fortnite OG will end on Saturday, Dec. 2. This tallies with some recent Fortnite seasons, which have gone live on a Sunday — so expect a period of downtime as it transitions from one to the next.

That said, Epic Games has been known to push seasons back a week or so as we come to their conclusion, so there could be some wiggle room here, especially since this is a shorter, one-off season.

If we were to speculate — and we should stress this pure guesswork on our part — based on the popularity of Fortnite OG alone, it would not be a surprise if these original maps return to the game at some point, or event become a permanent mode, similar to how Zero Build seemed to be a one-off that has since stuck around.

Of course, Epic has historically been happy to wipe the Fortnite slate clean with seasonal updates, and the return of a previous map is a new concept for the game — so who knows what will happen here. To be safe, make sure you get as much time with Fortnite OG as you can. We certainly will!