Drive like a maniac for fun and profit in the Epic Store’s next free game

After putting the Destiny 2 Legacy Collection up for grabs for a week, the Epic Games Store appears to have drifted back into a daily rhythm of free games. Today’s offering is Art of Rally, a stylized top-down racing game from the maker of Absolute Drift.

Superficially, Art of Rally is an arcade racer, but it offers a surprising amount of challenge for those who want to switch off the driver assist options and give ‘er. Rally fans will also dig the impressive selection of cars from the 1960s to the ’80s, including the infamous Group B cars that had a brief, exciting, and incredibly dangerous run through the mid-’80s before being banned by the FIA after a series of major accidents and deaths.

It’s not Project Cars, but even with driving aids enabled Art of Rally is a tricky beast to handle, and I struggle to keep even the more manageable Group 2 cars on the road. Fortunately the damage modelling can be turned off, and the in-game crowds are quick on their feet and good at getting out of the way. (In my defense, a QWERTY keyboard is not the ideal thing for heel-and-toe action.)

Art of Rally is free on the Epic Games Store until 11 am PT on December 23. You know what happens after that: Another free game! Be sure not to miss it.