Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama is back with a new anime

Sand Land is steadily growing. Originally a manga from Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, Sand Land was turned into a hit movie earlier this year and a video game. Now there’s an anime series coming to Hulu, set to debut sometime in spring 2024.

Sand Land takes place in a world that’s essentially out of water. Most land is dry desert (hence the title), leaving everyone left fighting over the last few drops of water, most of which are controlled by an evil king. So to help get some water and save the day, the gruff and stern Sheriff Rao teams up with a group of demons who live in the desert in order to find the mythical Legendary Spring.

The anime will follow roughly the same story as the movie and the manga, but should give the characters more room for Toriyama’s signature silliness.

The fantastical series will be animated by studio Sunrise (Mobile Suit Gundam), in conjunction with Kamikaze Douga, the studio behind Pop Team Epic. Sand Land will also bring in voice talent like Mutsumi Tamura (Darling in the Franxx), Kazuhiro Yamaji (Ghost in the Shell), and Chō (One Piece).