Dontnod’s Tell Me Why is free on Steam and Xbox for Pride month

June is officially Pride month, and Dontnod, the French studio behind such games as Remember Me and Life is Strange, is celebrating by making the 2020 episodic adventure game Tell Me Why available to download for free on Steam, the Microsoft Store, and Xbox consoles for the entire month. The studio announced the game’s availability in a Tweet published on Friday.

Fans of the developer might notice that this is not the first time Dontnod has done this, as the developer previously made Tell Me Why available to download for free during Pride month in 2021 and 2022.

Tell Me Why follows the story of Tyler and Alyson Ronan, a pair of twin siblings attempting to deal with the recent loss of their mother. The twins also happen to share a unique ability — a telepathic link that allows them to delve into each other’s memories of their troubled childhood in an effort to heal and reconcile with their past. Tyler is trans, and the game pointedly addresses the character’s experiences of transphobia and homophobia at the hands of their family.

Tell Me Why is available to play on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass.