Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to make crudites

Growing crops and cooking is an essential part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Whether you’re making meals you can consume to regain energy or sharing them with friends, you’ll need to master a few key recipes quickly. Some recipes can be found in chests or in floor drops, and others you’ll discover by experimenting with ingredients.

In this guide, I’ll talk you through how to make some simple crudites, which you’ll need to complete as part of the Missing Minnie questline. 

How to make crudites 

First things first: you’ll need to have all of yourRoyal Tools (opens in new tab) if you want to plant and grow some crops—you can’t just rely on the rain to water your plants for you! 

To make crudites, you only need two things: a vegetable and some coal. Don’t use lettuce as it makes a salad, and you don’t win friends with salad. Your best bet is to use a carrot, so just pop it into a cooking pot to make crudites. Seems a bit counter-intuitive since crudites are raw veggies, I know, but it’s how the world works in Dreamlight Valley.

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