Dead by Daylight is heading to space with a new sci-fi chapter

Dead by Daylight is turning seven years old, and it’s been a great few years of horror crossovers, grisly murders, and a detour for some spooky smooching. The game has a whole smorgasbord of slaughter fans, from a high-tech modern day CEO to an ancient knight from an era long past. The game’s next original chapter is going way, way into the future. End Transmission has a new map, killer, and survivor — and it’s out of this world.

The newest survivor is Gabriel Soma, a technician who is the sole survivor of the rest of his crew. It looks like he’d have a lot to commiserate over with Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke, if the two ever met. Soma’s crew were murdered by a creature called the Singularity, who also serves as the game’s new killer. The Singularity is a amalgamation of restructured organic matter (presumably the aforementioned crew) and machine parts.

The new map in End Transmission is Toba Landing, the planet where Soma met the Singularity. This alien biome is full of weird flora and fauna, making it quite distinctive among the other maps, which all take place on Earth.

End Transmission was announced during an anniversary stream held by developer Behaviour Interactive. Over the next year, Behaviour will release four new chapters for Dead by Daylight that include the usual combination of a map, killer, and survivor. However, there will be two new chapters that are Survivor-only. Nicolas Cage — yes, as in the actor, not one of his characters — will arrive after End Transmission, then two licensed killers from other horror IPs will enter the arena, followed by another survivor. Before the eighth anniversary, we can also expect one more original chapter.

End Transmission will release on June 13 on PC, PlayStation, the Nintendo Switch, and Xbox consoles.