Bulletstorm VR: sci-fi shooter’s PS VR2 features detailed

Welcome to Stygia! Stroll along the tranquil corridors of this once luxurious resort planet, serenaded by the sweet sounds of explosions and gunfire. Sit back and take in the vivid colors of the sunset – the secret ingredient is gamma radiation! Why not make some new friends? Our friendly cannibal gangs would kill to meet you.

Bulletstorm VR invites you to a blood-soaked and adrenaline-fuelled story with guns, gore, and gruesome enemies. Playing as Grayson Hunt, former elite mercenary and current space pirate, you are marooned on a hell planet and the only way out is through – through a hail of bullets, that is. You and your squad must survive not only the horrors of the planet’s inhabitants but also exact vengeance on the man who put you there – your ex-commander, General Victor Sarrano.